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Our Management

Learn about our CEO, Managing Director and General Managers who manage the key areas of our business at NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Our Regional Management Team

Sharath Burla


Sharath Burla

President and CEO of NTT DATA Business Solutions Asia-Pacific

Based in Singapore, Sharath Burla joined itelligence AG in August 2018 as Executive Vice President and CEO of Asia Pacific NTT DATA Business Solutions. 

Taku Kawaai


Taku Kawaai

Chief Operating Officer of NTT DATA Business Solutions Asia-Pacific

Taku is responsible for unified operations in operating countries, leading industry focus groups, the special task force for automotive business in APAC, and geographical expansion by M&As and Post Merger Integration.



Raquel Casswell

Head of People of NTT DATA Business Solutions Asia-Pacific 

A true business partner to the APAC Senior Leadership Team in determining the culture of the business and to work closely with the CEO APAC and EVP itelligence Global People Team to execute the desired people and culture changes to help NTT DATA Business Solutions APAC achieve its short, medium- and long-term objectives.



Chris Storich

Regional Manager for SAP Customer Modernisation of NTT DATA Business Solutions Asia-Pacific

Chris focuses on demystifying and simplifying the journey for customers contemplating an SAP revamp, upgrade, extension of service or reimplementation in the most cost effective, risk adverse and timely manner possible.



Daire O’Mochain

Regional Manager for SAP Cloud Solutions of  NTT DATA Business Solutions Asia-Pacific

Daire works closely with NTT Group’s APAC and global teams to develop solutions that combine industry and process knowledge and IP with SAP technology and innovative delivery approaches to maximise customer outcomes.

Our Management Team in Australia

Nick Binns


Nick Binns

Managing Director of NTT DATA Business Solutions Australia

Nick is responsible for setting and implementing business strategy with a focus on delivering customer value and profitable growth.



Brendan Abdy

Chief Financial Officer of NTT DATA Business Solutions Australia

Brendan is responsible for all the company’s finances, along with providing strategic recommendations in his role on the Executive Leadership Team.



Dave Moores

General Manager, Sales and Marketing of NTT DATA Business Solutions Australia

Dave is responsible for the region’s market and business growth whilst working with the Australian-based executive management team to lead and grow our people and client base.



Kim Benito

General Manager, Client Services of NTT DATA Business Solutions Australia

Kim is responsible for all of our client engagements, from project implementation to relationship support.



Elizabeth Creed

General Manager, Human Resources of NTT DATA Business Solutions Australia

Elizabeth is responsible for driving NTT DATA Business Solutions’ people and culture strategies, the employee experience and is a trusted business advisor to the Senior Leadership Team.

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