Businesses are optimising their processes and minimising risks

Digitisation is now an essential component of the mining industry. It is key to optimising material and hardware flows, identifying potential breakdowns, monitoring performance in real time and meeting new challenges. 

The integration of all processes has allowed mining businesses to minimise the unpredictable variables that challenge operational processes.

Manual processes have become synonymous with inefficiency

Mining is risky and challenging, especially when you consider environmental impacts. Manual labour and processes increase the risk of human error and add time-consuming tasks to already strained workload, slowing down productivity, increasing safety risks, and inhibiting efficiency.

These operational setbacks are compounded by an inability to manage and utilise business data to its full potential, significantly impairing future planning and strategic decision making.

The new era of mining is digital transformation

Industry 4.0 and technologies such as the Internet of Things, and machines that speak with each other, can significantly transform your operation by reducing human error and manual labour and making it autonomous.

IoT technology, using Hololens and “smart glasses” introduces a new perspective to mining by entirely digitising transportation, drilling and other risky processes. Also, variations in decision-making processes decrease, information flow gains momentum, and mining gains a standardised and more controlled structure.

Why should the mining industry digitise?

  • Plan all processes based on data to achieve predictable results
  • Improve operational processes and access real-time data to increase sales

  • Use a controlled system to increase efficiencies by standardizing data flow to create a collaboration platform with employees, customers and suppliers
  • Use automation to increase production and revenues

Data-Driven Mining with Predictive Analytics Solution


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How does NTT DATA support Mining businesses?

NTT DATA’s global mining team offers unrivalled depth, breadth and quality of expertise in mining. With an established international network of professionals, we offer a globally integrated approach, combining both business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the world.

From evaluating opportunities to solving hidden productivity challenges, we help improve performance across the mining cycle. As Mining specialists using SAP, our global IP and innovative technologies, we reimagine mining operations by digitally transforming business processes quickly and efficiently to create value for business.

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