Digital transformation & specialist technology is helping pharma rise to new challenges

The pharmaceutical industry is evolving at a lightning pace. It’s also dealing with increasingly strict regulations that are calling for more transparent working methods.

More businesses are turning to specialist digital technology that delivers highly tuned efficiencies and improvements capable of meeting the demands of an increasingly volatile environment.

Struggling to keep up in an increasingly complex environment?

Operating in a complex regulatory environment with shortened patent protection and the ever-increasing pressure on product safety, cost, price and margins, is challenging.

Despite being tech-savvy, the options to build and expand digital capabilities within the industry ecosystem are limited by current IT systems.

Many businesses within the pharmaceutical industry are struggling with:

  • Meeting increasingly strict compliance regulations;
  • Complex and hard-to-monitor supply chains that causes problems in formula and batch management;
  • Unconnected, time-consuming production control processes;
  • Lack of transparency necessary to ensure comprehensive quality management.

Thrive in a complex regulatory environment

In order to overcome the growing industry challenges, you need fast results from trusted problem solvers and solution providers who can help you to stay abreast with the current trends.

You likely also care about how to best use technology to achieve your desired outcomes, and therefore require solutions that will enable you to drive effective digitisation and deliver more efficient and compliant processes. This will further allow you to answer the call for more transparency and agility in addressing customer needs.

How do you achieve successful business agility in the pharmaceuticals industry?



Stringent safety, environmental and document regulations call for integrated quality management, transparent formula management, and complete traceability of all goods throughout their life-cycle. To achieve these requirements without escalating costs is only possible with a solid integrated IT infrastructure and the right knowledge.


Process Industry Opportunities

For ongoing success, you need to create efficiencies in product development and production. Machine-to-machine communication and process digitisation ensure businesses can better compete in the market. We can help you to define your digital strategy and implement practical IoT scenarios.


Lower IT Validation Costs

Adopting standard processes when implementing industry-specific regulations at an IT level can be expensive. Validation is one of the fundamentals for patient protection. NTT DATA Business Solutions is highly experienced in Computer System Validation. By focusing on the real risks, you can save significant validation costs.


Prepared for the Growing Digital Economy?

Brian Everett says: Significant value will be created through improved supply chains, greater agility & enhanced customer experience.

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What are the benefits of an integrated value chain?

Production Control


Research and Development

Track and Trace

IT Validation


Seamlessly move from confusion to clarity with SAP S/4HANA.

The pharmaceutical industry is evolving rapidly. You’re being bombarded with all kinds of business priorities which lead to confusion about the right approach for you in your S/4HANA journey.

Efficiency improvements are high on the list in a competitive market where tightening regulations are resulting in a call for more transparency and agility in addressing your customer’s needs. How do you handle these complexities?

Our it.lifesciences template covers more than 300 processes within the entire value chain. We ensure risk-free delivery using the implementation approach combined with SAP Activate and GAMP5.

itelligence knows the processes of pharmaceutical companies and, as an SAP specialist, can quickly implement best practices in our sector, so that we meet requirements of regulators likes of FDA requirements

Jeroen van den Broek
Manager Business Systems, Aspen Oss B.V.

Customer video Bilthoven Biologicals (BBIO) & NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Bilthoven Biologicals (BBIO) was looking for a state-of-the-art solution to simply their application landscape. They wanted to reduce the number of applications whilst improving support for their existing business processes.

After engaging NTT DATA Business Solutions, BBIO has a fully transparent logistics chain thanks to our implementation of SAP S/4HANA.

Complex traceability made easy at Sanquin Plasma.

SAP Global Batch Traceability enables Sanquin to analyse it's batch-genealogies in a fast and accurate way. 

itelligence and Sanquin, supplier of blood reserves as well as pharmaceutical products, have integrated separate divisions within SAP ECC for increased efficiency.

Find out more this in this video.

More useful industry insights

it.lifesciences for pharmaceuticals – Our pharmaceutical industry expertise.

Choose it.lifesciences to optimise your process results and comply with international laws and regulations. it.lifesciences is based on SAP software and flawlessly handles all standard financial, commercial and logistic processes.

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Want the right formula for pharmaceutical challenges?

iComply with regulations in a cost-effective way thanks to it.lifescience. It combines security with enhanced functionality for all your pharma processes.

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The Digital Transformation Innovation Challenge and what it means for the chemical Industry

Use digital transformation as a key driver for global success and real business value. Be a disruptor, not the disrupted.

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How does NTT DATA support Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences?

NTT DATA Business Solutions is the System Integrator for companies operating in the pharma and life sciences industry. We work at the intersection of human creativity and cutting-edge digital technology. We are a top 10 services provider globally and experts at providing the best results from our preconfigured, template-based SAP solutions for the Pharma and Life Sciences industry.

NTT DATA Business Solutions can prepare your digital future, regardless of which area of the process industry you operate in. Our industry-specific integrated IT solutions and digital strategy innovation for pharmaceutical and chemical companies support each and every step in your value chain. Your processes will be transparent, compliant, and cost-effective.

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