Customer expectations are growing

Increasing market competition and continuous technological innovations mean that what your business can provide (and what your customers expect to receive) has grown considerably.

Great customer experience is no longer as simple as a friendly interaction with a staff member. Customers expect simplicity, transparency, automation and personalisation with every interaction.

For providers like you, meeting and anticipating customer needs means being quick but efficient, knowledgeable but private, detailed but clear.

Bad customer experiences can come back to haunt you

Customer experience is what builds brand reputation. Word of mouth is powerful, and a bad experience can spread quickly among businesses and across your online presence.

In a highly competitive market, failing to meet customers’ growing expectations renders customer attraction and retention close to impossible. A great product or service can rarely outplay poor customer experience.

Build loyalty through understanding the right customer experience design

In an experience-focused economy, it is important to deliver exceptional customer experience to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Customers have a problem. The more you understand their problem, the better positioned you are to help them solve it – and provide a positive experience.

Understanding your customers and their needs is the best way to help them build a strategy to meet these needs. And, by doing so, build their loyalty to you.

How can you achieve optimum customer experience?

The first step is to achieve a true understanding of your customer and their problems. Using this understanding, you can build a solution architecture to meet their needs and adapt your solution as the needs change.

NTT DATA offers advisory services that help you identify your key customer, workshops that uncover customer problems and their solutions, and the roadmap to close the gap and offer a great customer experience.

NTT DATA will work with you to put the customer at the centre of everything you do, helping build retention, loyalty and long-term brand advocates.

NTT DATA customer experience consulting services





CX Advisory

Our CX Advisory team of innovation professionals guide you to create, implement and transform your purpose-built CX strategy. Calling on our local and global experience, our team can provide insights, guidance and access to relevant customer experience solutions and innovation.





CX Design Thinking

Put the customer at the centre of everything you do by creating and delivering a bespoke Human Centred Design program. By using human-centered design, we will partner with you to reimage your existing customer experience and build your connection to and interaction with your customers, partners, and employees.





CX Design to Delivery

Delivery is critical in bringing your customer experience ambitions to life. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure that we have different points of view and perspectives but also maintain quality throughout design and delivery to bring the customer experience to life.





CX Innovation

As part of the NTT Ltd Group, the NTT DATA team has access to a global network of innovators across all industries. By partnering with NTT DATA your world expands as you are invited to join this network with us.

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