Technology and big data are being used to power business/employee relationships

It’s been well reported that staff who are supported by and aligned to overall business values achieve better performance and productivity. And businesses are adapting to make the most of it.

Technology trends that were previously not applied to human capital management (HCM) are increasingly pervasive as more data is being captured in the employee management arena. This abundance of data is being used to drive new methods of managing people while constantly evolving existing theories – linking approach to business outcomes.

Can’t keep up? Expect to lose profits – and staff

In today’s HCM technology-centric world, the focus is on digital transformation and automation, employee engagement and people-driven business outcomes. If your HCM solution is not supporting all of these, it is not supporting your business.

Companies without an adequate HCM solution face problems ranging from basic data capture, reporting and compliance to lower productivity and profitability and higher recruitment and staff turnover costs.

Employee’s perceptions and expectations of their work-life experience have changed, and employers who are not seen to be pro-active in listening to and accommodating those expectations will lose out to employers who do.


Make providing tools that support your staff a priority

Top performing organisations flourish when staff are aligned with business strategy, have the tools required to plan and monitor their work activities and see how their role contributes to their company’s success and customer satisfaction. 

Identifying how employee behaviour directly influences business success and which solutions will support these behaviours is vital for ensuring success.

An integrated suite of HCM solution modules offers companies the opportunity to match a technological solution to a process problem – either in one fell swoop or over a program of initiatives.

Services offered by NTT DATA

NTT DATA has a global SAP HCM practice within its SAP Platinum partner organisation.

Our HCM practice contains a mix of HR, technology and change management specialists who are constantly innovating customer-centric approaches for successfully deploying SAP SuccessFactors programs, ranging from local SMEs to multinational roll-out programs across all industries.


SAP SuccessFactors

A global team of SuccessFactors consultants specialising in onshore/offshore delivery will strategies with you. They will advise on innovative packaged offerings including subscriptions and services, flexible to fit your requirements. You will also be across the best practice Process Flow diagrams outlining process task by role that save you time over a range of project activities including design and organisation change management.


SAP Qualtrics

NTT DATA’s HCM practice is focusing on aligning with SAP’s employee experience approach (“HXM”) to provide customers with the ability to enhance employee engagement using this complementary solution.


SAP Concur

Employee travel and travel-related expenses are topics often raised during discussions with HR leaders. NTT DATA is one of the first SAP partners to become a SAP Concur reseller and certified implementation partner to ensure that we can deliver the full range of functionality requested in this area tightly integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP’s ERP finance offerings.


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