Effective post merger integrations are no longer a hard ask

Mergers and acquisitions are a common part of business, allowing organisations to grow their customer base, expand their offering and extend their reach in the market or in the location of their operations.

Previously a challenge to execute smoothly, mergers and acquisitions can now be conducted with relative ease. Using the right support can merge not only cultures and clients, but also systems, so that they can communicate and operate effectively together without a hitch.

Business system transformation is a business imperative

Merger and acquisitions integrations (M&A integration) will impact core business systems such as application licensing, platform requirements and ongoing support. Failing to integrate systems effectively can end up being expensive and far more time-consuming than taking action from the beginning.

Making effective changes to core SAP systems is essential for ensuring alignment with new business operating models, and needs to be done with minimal business disruption. Time is of the essence.

How can you achieve optimum post merger integration?

To achieve the best M&A integration results, your business needs a partner that can provide proactive advice on associated issues such as data retention, archiving and ownership. And a partner that has an understanding of what the operational business end-state needs to look like. 

Positive M&A integration projects:

- are clearly defined;
- understand the stated outcome;
- are clear on their project deliverables;
 - have defined timelines, costs and any associated risks and mitigation plans.

NTT DATA merger integration consulting services





M&A Integration Advisory

Our M&A integration advisory team understands your business requirements and offers advice and guidance on how to design a target state environment that meets your needs. NTT DATA also offers cloud and platform advisory.





M&A Data and Information Management

NTT DATA offers data and information management advisory and delivery, including automated data transformation, which comes with a new zero downtime feature.





M&A Integration Delivery

NTT DATA delivers your M&A integration project through a proven merger, acquisition and divestment project methodology. The team can even deliver application upgrade and transformation to S/4, where required.





M&A Integration Road-Mapping

NTT DATA delivers your M&A integration project through a proven merger, acquisition and divestment project methodology. The team can even deliver application upgrade and transformation to S/4 where required.





M&A Integration Support

Our team supports you throughout the M&A integration process from start to finish, including post-transition operational support from infrastructure and cloud, through to application support and evolution.

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