Business cloud services are the future – and the present

Cloud services have existed for decades, and have continued to grow in capability and popularity. While many believe they will shape the market of the future, there is proof that that future is already here.

As business projects become increasingly complex and data security becomes harder and of more concern, the Cloud offers businesses a better way to manage and perform – without the cost and burden of increased IT infrastructure.

Cloud strategies are becoming an integral part of just about every industry, with approximately one-third of all global IT spending currently going to cloud and hosting services.

A lack of agility is slowing businesses down

As marketplaces become more flooded, businesses need to be able to move quickly and adapt to stay competitive. But if projects require infrastructure that comes with big upfront costs and time delays to get off the ground, businesses lose agility – and their competitive edge.

Even once these systems are in place, how easily can they adapt to changing needs? Peaks in usage are common, so if systems aren’t flexible enough to ride out changes in usage, hardware and software are sitting idle, damaging ROI while failing to add value.

Move with the freedom to deliver ongoing efficiency

Cloud computing allows you to be able to keep up and adapt to changing markets and trends, introducing agility and flexibility into your IT.

By hosting applications, software, data and more over the cloud on a pay-as-you-go system, you gain immediate access to the services you need, and only pay for what you use.

You also have specialists maintaining the systems, data and security – removing burdens from internal IT staff.

Access a wide range of business requirements with the cloud and NTT DATA





ERP and Finance

A core business platform on a HANA database that supports all mission-critical processes.





CRM and Customer Experience

A solution set covering customer data management, marketing, sales and service management.





Network and Spend Management

Supplier management, sourcing and procurement, external workforce management, travel and expense management are included under this category.





HR and People Engagement

Solution set covering the entire employee lifecycle from external resource pool/applicant through core HR and payroll, talent management, analytics and workforce planning as well as employee experience.





Digital Supply Chain

Get your customer-focused products and serviced right in front of your audience faster and more efficiently with SAP's supply chain management software.

To complement the SAP solutions, NTT DATA has a range of add-on solutions that bring enhanced functional breadth and industry experience – all built in the SAP Cloud platform and supported by NTT DATA.

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