Software is helping businesses to optimise supplier relationships

Dynamic markets, shorter product life cycles, and demand fluctuations are forcing businesses to implement supply chain management support to help balance supply and demand.

Streamlining tasks and processes are allowing businesses to better support their customers through improved relationships and collaboration with vendors, while simultaneously improving staff efficiency.

Inefficient supplier communication is restricting value-add

With so many vendors using various platforms, and some of them not using electronic data interchange (EDI), managing supplier database can be overwhelming. With so many supply chain management directed at larger companies, SMEs often find it hard to get the right support for their business. They can easily find that they:

  • Don’t have all supplier data at hand
  • Can’t process orders automatically
  • Poor visibility around changes and confirmations
  • Inefficient and costly data transfer with non-EDI vendors

Gain a Clear Overview of Your Complete Supply Chain

To best serve your customers, you need to make sure you operate smoothly with your suppliers. New solutions can help you maintain an overview of your vendors as well as streamline processes for supply chain management to give you more time to focus on value-adding activities for your business.

The it.vendor portal AddOn does exactly that – in a simple-to-use web application that organizes your supplier management into straightforward dashboards.

With easy access for your suppliers via login, the AddOn enables a self-service method which makes it much simpler and more efficient for them to communicate with you as the buyer. Collaboration between you and your vendor is simplified with purchase order management, shipment information, delay notifications, and quality management directly entered, stored, and accessed within the application.

Streamline your supply chain management with NTT DATA and it.vendor portal





All Supplier Data in One Place

Dashboards for details such as order executions, stock, and forecasts help you keep a clear overview of your entire global supply chain. If you request changes, your suppliers will be able to view these when they log in.





Self-Service in the App

When your vendors log into the portal, they receive a full overview of all activities in the supply chain from orders to invoicing and dispatch. Changes can be made, sent and confirmed or rejected with minimal communication required.





Create Forecasts for the Future

Forecasting is much more accurate with it.vendor portal. Easily identify which locations will require which products at what time, so that you can schedule purchasing and dispatch in advance.





Reduce Complexity When Dealing with Non-EDI Vendors

Dealing with suppliers that do not work with EDI often requires additional resources and time. it.vendor portal alleviates some of the expense of dealing with those suppliers without the need for a larger, more complex solution such as SAP Ariba. This is a great advantage for SMEs.

it.vendor portal is an AddOn developed by NTT DATA. We continuously develop our own solutions, working closely with our clients to create a product that is of real value to you.

Our portfolio ranges from SAP consulting and licensing to SAP industry solutions, Application Management Services, and Managed Cloud Services. As a member of the NTT DATA group, we have leading-edge resources available to support you and provide thought leadership. And, with data centers located throughout the world, we deliver support wherever you need it.

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