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Extracting Value from Data.

NTT DATA Business Solutions will help you adopt an effective, advanced analytics and modern data platform strategy with SAP Analytics. 

To make Business Analytics Work, You Need a Sound Strategy.

Make Business Analytics WorkHaving the right information at your fingertips can make all the difference in a competitive environment. Time is precious now more than ever, which is why Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA, Blockchain and Machine Learning are centre stage in the race to satisfy all your stakeholders and gain an advantage over your competitors.

We think differently about technology solutions.

Thinking different about technology solutionsWhere others see problems, we see possibilities. That’s why we’re the NewTech Thinkers who are never satisfied with ‘good enough’. We always seek the intelligent choice that is future-ready.

We are highly strategic in our approach to analytics which is why we are big fans of how SAP Analytics, combined with our IP, handles Big Data. We give our clients the key to unlock unprecedented insights and value in their data by bridging the gap between human and machine intelligence to help increase productivity and drive business success.

Democratising data can be frustrating.

Man looking at analytics screensUntil fairly recently, making all varieties of internal and external data available to an increasing range of information workers, has been a frustrating process. Add to this the pain felt when your technology doesn’t align with new business objectives, and you feel like you’re treading water. Add to this the threat of a start-up outperforming and leaving your business behind because they are leveraging data to “change the game” and it becomes clear that doing nothing is not an option.

The only constant is change and the rapidly evolving ways in which organisations are using data is testament to this. The way forward, to leverage your data to “change the game”, can seem unclear, especially if you’ve engaged other companies that have simply redressed your problems and presented them back to you without any solutions. Or you’ve been told what is possible without being told how to get there? That’s a question we’re happy to answer.

Business is changing at lightning pace.

Business is changingYour team, customers, suppliers, shareholders - all stakeholders - expect to be able to access “always-on” information at any moment. 

You are facing unprecedented pressures to perform. Speed and agility are critical. Maintaining the status quo is not an option because you will be left behind faster than you can fully appreciate how it happened.

In the digital business landscape, 41% of business revenues will be driven by digital products by 2020; 65% of businesses believe legacy systems are no longer a fit; and 80% of businesses believe that not modernising IT will hurt their growth.

Take advantage of these innovations and pay attention to the following areas

Democratising Big Data

The spectrum of data savvy employees in organisations of all sizes is growing. Having intuitive access to both internal and external data to drive business insights is becoming imperative.

Operational Business Intelligence

Deliver relevant, timely and tailored-to-user-needs information that is mobile and highly interactive.

Strategic and Advanced Analytics

Understand customers and their environment in great detail with data.

Harness technology to achieve your competitive edge.

We’re not buttoned down like a lot of IT companies. We provide next level thinking to bring humanity and machine intelligence closer. We enjoy seeing Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation remove the donkey work from humans so that your team and ours can combine our strategic and creative thinking to further boost each project. It’s one way we can help to give people their lives back.

We provide you with a clear picture of how a range of technologies would best gel together to achieve your goals. We leverage people and knowledge to provide not only the latest thinking but proven results from previous projects.

For us, the hard truth in any environment stands out. We provide unbiased insights into what is working and what tech is needed for your specific issues. We’re straight talkers and don’t sugar coat anything, even if it means having a slightly uncomfortable conversation. It’s all about what’s in your ultimate best interests. 

Information-driven organisations are more productive with predictive analytics delivering a 30% reduction in safety issues and a 97% reduction in report creation.
Forrester Research: The Total Economic ImpactTM of SAP Analytics – Cost Savings and Business Benefits

How SAP Analytics and Business Insights Can Support You.

Man-In-Front-Of-Analytics-ScreenNTT Data Business Solutions has helped power the digital transformation of thousands of customers using the latest SAP Analytics developments. Using our deep experience with business intelligence and advanced analytics we empower our customers by improving their data quality, lowering the cost of data integration and increasing their data efficiency.

Our analytics and big data expertise, along with our proven agile approach and solution accelerators ensures we match the pace of change and quickly deliver value. As a result we develop and drive business engagement and intelligence capabilities, and when necessary, define and deliver the best analytics strategy.

We bridge the gap to where you want to be.

We have the local team expertise, coupled with global capability and IP to help in a way that meets your needs through either:

  • A bespoke, on-premise or cloud-based solution that leverages your existing environment, or
  • A complete packaged solution leveraging our resources and delivered to you in a cost- effective and flexible way

Our ultimate value is that we act as your advocate to ensure you get what’s best for your business and not just what the vendors are promoting. To do this we’ve developed the Big Data and Analytics Pathway – a structured approach to building Big Data and Advanced Analytics capability, no matter where you are in your journey, through staged investment and linked to business value.

Where do you want to be?

The Big Data and Analytics Pathway.

This short video describes the NTT DATA Business Solutions Big Data and Analytics Pathway.

There are 6 stages in our Big Data & Analytics Pathway, each offering increasing levels of business value. The BD&A Pathway allows your organisation to embark on the Big Data and Advanced Analytics journey in consumable, logical steps whilst still having a clear end state in mind.

Our Analytics Services.

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap Services

Information Management and Business Intelligence Services.

Technical Architecture, Upgrades and Migration.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

SAP Analytics Support.

Innovating with Advanced Analytics.

Innovation Institute - our unfair advantage.

In addition to the standard services we offer, being part of NTT Group globally we also offer unique thought leadership value through our R&D, where we spend $2.5 billion USD annually.

Our client visitation program to the R&D labs in Japan and the USA demonstrate the leading edge technology that we develop for Private and Public sectors.

We also apply these new technologies to high-profile global implementations such as the G20 Summit and Tour de France where we deliver entire solutions on a consumption model basis.

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