Digitisation has opened the door for competitive customisation

As business climates become more competitive, businesses are finding new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Organisations are seizing the opportunities provided by digitisation and using them to design and develop more customised and user-centred platforms, allowing them to redefine complex processes and leverage higher engagement and satisfaction of both employees and customers.

Platform design is failing businesses

Traditionally, IT teams follow a bottom-up approach to platform user-interface (UI) design. They design the database structure first, then use these structures to determine the transactional UI design.

This can limit the capabilities of the interface, becoming non-intuitive and hard to interact with. As customer expectations grow, businesses who are utilising poorly designed UI that interrupts the customer’s journey and fails to deliver on their needs will quickly fall behind competitors who can more readily meet customer expectations.

Use innovative design to put customers first

To be able to remain innovative and competitive, businesses need to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements of the business within the design of their operating platforms.

Design should reflect user needs and behaviour – not dictate it – by following a top-down approach and incorporating innovative digital thinking to match technical elements with user-centricity.

Why is NTT DATA the right partner for you?

From design thinking to agile execution, our development team’s unwavering focus on user-centred design, security and quality gets you the best value out of your custom development investments and help you execute flawlessly.

We measure our teams on various parameters and keep track of code reviews, static analysis checks and defects using internal proprietary tools and processes to ensure that the development teams turn out great products one after another.

Some of the most important standards that we implement and measure are:



We offer static security scanning capabilities which are critical for organisations who work with 3rd party vendors for their code development needs.



We ensure usability before build and de-risk project build by ensuring quick and easy adoption of the new applications among end-users.



We keep accessibility on our minds at all times, building it in from the ground up, rather than after development starts.



Is your organisation operating in multiple countries with different languages and different formats for dates and numbers? We ensure our developments fully support that and more.

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