Modern, agile businesses need integrated systems

Integration is the starting point for digital disruption. We’re seeing more options to engage API led connectivity, hybrid integration and IoT, all of which enable organisations to become more agile, innovative and competitive at a faster pace than ever.

As business landscape become increasingly digitised, the integration of business systems provides benefits far beyond improved usability.

Poor integration causes business-wide inefficiency

With so many industries and businesses utilising it to improve their processes, integration has become ‘the norm’. Those businesses who are struggling with poor integration are likely to feel the strain, often experiencing cost inefficiencies, a lack of reliable and accurate information for decision-making, and difficulty innovating.

A simple strategy can put you on the path to success

Overcoming these challenges and getting ahead of the competition requires a clear strategy, with an understanding of your current and future state. This includes knowing your business and IT objectives, challenges and recommendations, as well as building a roadmap to achieve these objectives. Understanding each of these components acknowledges the organisation’s current and desired velocity to deliver an efficient strategy for integration.

Let NTT DATA help you achieve better business agility

Following a collaborative approach, NTT DATA has designed its own framework to help customers to establish their integration strategy, relying on our experience in applying best practices and implementing a proven methodology to build a robust, flexible and realistic integration architecture.

This framework consists of four stages, including a set of recommended activities to be implemented, taking into consideration the level of maturity of the organisation regarding its integration strategy.

Why NTT DATA is the right partner for your integration

NTT DATA integration experts deliver cost efficiencies, business agility and business innovation through digital transformation.

NTT DATA has a global enterprise integration practice of more than 1,000 professionals engaged in defining strategies and transforming traditional application and integration landscapes into API and cloud-centric architecture.

Both NTT DATA and its sister companies have developed several award-winning and innovative solutions across a range of industries and technologies using a proprietary and creative approach to drive value that is sustainable and scalable for customers.



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