Why are more organisations adopting cloud based services?

Managed Cloud Services are opening up new possibilities for businesses who did not previously have the capacity or resources to meet customer requirements. Cloud computing, in particular, has become extremely appealing for many organisations and is being widely adopted and utilised as a more cost-effective, scalable IT solution.

Lack of internal knowledge on cloud solutions holds business back

In many cases, businesses find they simply do not have the internal knowledge to manage the breadth of their requirements.

Without adequate in-house knowledge, organisations do not always have the capacity to determine how to optimise their solutions or operations or align with the company’s strategic objectives.

This is particularly true for SAP environments that are complex, cover a wide knowledge area and are always evolving.

Look beyond your team for the skills you need

In a digital economy, it is important to not only optimise your solution today, but plan and prepare for the future strategic direction.

As needs change and demand ebbs and flows, you need access to a wider resource and skills pool. Sourcing these needs from external sources, rather than internal hiring, allows you to focus on business improvement and strategy while smoothing the budgetary peaks and troughs of an unplanned support engagement.

Why is NTT DATA the right partner for your management in cloud computing?

NTT DATA employs a large number of Managed Services resources, providing a wide range of skillsets across many functions. We have three main customer targets-Stabilise, Streamline, and Innovate–and employ a wide range of skills for each of these requirements.

Hosting, application, technical and development teams are enhanced by our Customer Success Managers who will actively engage with you and your team to improve operational efficiencies and help prepare you for the next lifecycle stage.

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