Taku Kawaai

Chief Operating Officer, APAC of NTT DATA Business Solutions Australia

taku-kawaaiTaku Kawaai became COO of NTT DATA Business Solutions APAC in March 2016, where he drives robust business operations in South East Asia and Australia. He is responsible for unified operations in operating countries, leading industry focus groups, the special task force for automotive business in APAC, and geographical expansion by M&As and Post Merger Integration.

Prior to joining us, Taku was Principal Manager at itelligence Headquarters in Germany from 2013 to 2016 where he led business development by multiple M&As directly under CFO, and expanded organic business primarily in the European market. Before joining itelligence, he was Business Integration Manager at NTT DATA Global Headquarters in Japan, and drove Global Accounts, Offerings, Delivery, and Talents. He has developed sales and business consulting expertise in previous NTT DATA Group assignments.

Taku holds Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Literature from Waseda University in Japan and a Master’s in Business Administration from Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA with a focus on international business and innovation.