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Chemical companies are embracing digital transformation

Growing competition and rising customer expectations are compelling chemical companies in general (and SMEs in particular) to utilise innovative technology and IT solutions to reduce inventory management costs and optimise lead times.

Companies who are investing in more efficient processes are taking a competitive advantage over those who are yet to embrace these opportunities. This allows them to achieve a clear view of their overall value chain, automating and improving where necessary.

Requirements and expectations are becoming harder to meet

Companies in the chemical industry face an array of challenges, from coordinating production, packaging and pricing across the entire enterprise, to matching planning with execution and maximising internal resources while complying with government regulations and customer expectations.

By relying on manual, unoptimised or unintegrated processes, chemical companies fail to get a clear overview of their operation, leaving them unable to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. 

Digitisation benefits the entire value chain

To continue to be successful and competitive well into the future, you need to make product development and production more efficient.

Adopting machine-to-machine communication and process digitisation can enable you to improve multiple aspects of your business, from production to analytics to compliance.

Chemical industry-specific software offers an integrated, automated system that brings all the moving parts of the business together to benefit the entire value chain and deliver a better end result for the consumer.

How does NTT DATA support chemical companies?

NTT DATA offers a fully integrated SAP solution that matches the special requirements of the chemicals industry including:

  • Customer Engagement and Co-Innovation
  • Planning and Sourcing
  • Integrated Operations Management
  • Delivery and Services


Based on a special material master data concept, the tried and tested solution brings together all relevant data within key business processes. And by doing so, delivers improved information quality along the complete value chain, adding key capabilities that help to optimise industry-specific processes of the chemical industry.

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