Consumers are demanding more

Consumers of today control consumer products and the retail market. They expect brands to know what they want, offer it to them when they want it, and deliver high-quality products at a competitive price.

The movement towards fresh, quality and sustainably produced goods means more pressure on consumer and retail businesses to have visibility over the sourcing of products, as well as the ability to manage short life cycles and identify new demands.

Poor use of big data leads to missed opportunities

Consumer products and retail organisations have innumerable opportunities to gather data on their customers. But many don't know how to use it.

While most businesses use technical systems to facilitate the buying process, they don't have the ability to capture buyer information at every stage and use it to generate insights. This information is gold disappearing from the company.

Use data to drive innovative product offerings

To face the market of the future – and excel in the market today – consumer product and retail organisations need sophisticated consumer products and retail software that is specific to their needs and can bring all their processes together in one place.

Harnessing consumer buying behaviour information and gathering accurate, real-time consumer data gives you the power to:

- drive innovative product design
- allow for shorter life cycles
- give price optimisation
- accelerate decision-making
- more easily comply with industry regulations through added visibility into quality standards and traceability.

Powerful solutions to get your data working for you






SAP S/4HANA is a modern ERP system for progressive businesses. Utilising artificial intelligence, SAP S/4HANA can help you to transform your business processes, by integrating planning processes, demand management, inventory and supply chain management.





Data Visualisation

NTT DATA provides Data Visualisation solutions to enable an accessible way for you to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. The power of Data Visualisation is in its ability to tell stories by curating data into a form that's easy to understand, which makes it more effective at highlighting trends and outliers.





Advanced Analytics

Most Consumer Products and Retail businesses have a wealth of data at their disposal, but too few really put it to use. By rapidly blending data with advanced analytics, you can get deeper insights into your customers and product demands, enabling you to make informed predictions to optimise demand management, planning, and sales processes. 

NTT DATA supports consumer products and retail

NTT DATA is a trusted, long-standing partner of SAP, with experience in SAP implementations across the consumer products ERP industry. Our international expertise ranges across B2B and B2C, giving you the benefit of best-in-class solutions – regardless of the needs of your business.

Through our data analytics and visualisation solutions, we can help you to gain accurate real-time insights into your customers and optimise demand management and planning. All while coping with changing customer experience design and economic volatility.

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