Data-driven manufacturing is driving better quality, control and pricing

In the rapidly changing global marketplace, the highest priority for manufacturing organisations is to be able to fulfill customers’ demands promptly, while maintaining quality, controlling costs and optimising assets.

As the demand for individual products increases, so too does the need for highly flexible and responsive manufacturing ERP processes.

Old structures threaten innovation and sales

Demands from customers to bring innovations to market quickly and more cost-effectively than competitors is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers. But at an organisational structure level, the biggest barriers are:

- Traditional structures where organisations operate as individual entities across geographies.

- Issues with inter-company transactions (pricing and margins).

- Difficulties in financial consolidation and managing business processes across all divisions.

Data accessibility and understanding improve manufacturing processes

Making use and sense of the volume and variety of data generated by the manufacturing processes allows manufacturing organisations to consolidate financial reporting, close the books faster and have greater visibility into both financial and manufacturing operations.

Data-driven manufacturing solutions harness data that stabilise the production process, accelerate product development and bring innovations to market faster and more cost-effectively than competitors.


Data and analytics services at NTT DATA





SAP Intelligent ERP

Available in the cloud or on-premise, SAP Intelligent ERP is a modern ERP system that utilises artificial intelligence to transform your business processes. 






Data Management

Data management helps you to optimise the use of data within the bounds of policy and regulation by collecting, keeping, managing and using data as a valuable resource, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.





Smart Connected Vehicles

Harness both the structured and unstructured data that inundates your business on a day-to-day basis by analysing and systematically extracting large, fast and complex data that is difficult or impossible to process using traditional methods. Analysis of Big Data leads to insights that result in better decisions and strategic business moves.





Data Visualisation

Data visualisation removes the noise from data and highlights useful information such as trends, outliers, and patterns in data. This makes Big Data and analytics easier to understand and leverage throughout the business. 

How does NTT DATA support the manufacturing industry?

NTT DATA offers a range of solutions that can help businesses to increase revenue, reduce costs and optimise assets with big data analytics and intelligent ERP solutions. 

We have years of experience implementing solutions and dealing with data in various areas of Data & Analytics, as well as Data Management, Intelligent ERP, Supply Chain Management, and Material Management.


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