Utility companies are shifting from role-based delivery to data-backed performance

Utility businesses are quickly finding smarter ways to deliver resilient networks and operations, and relying on big data and analytics to power better services. Because of this, the service being delivered is changing, as are customer experience, delivery methods, cost structures and pricing reforms.

Digitisation is transforming the entire industry, and putting everything in flux: how utility companies work, the services they provide, and their business models.

Going above and beyond is the new normal

No longer are utility companies expected to deliver an adequate connection and nothing more. Customer expectations have risen, and being able to deliver safe, reliable, sustainable, and affordable services is now vital just to stay competitive in the market.

With more businesses now securing increased percentages of revenue from data-driven services, those without these capabilities will soon fall behind.

Unlock existing value and add strength to your offering

Many industries have embraced digital transformation – and for good reason. By utilising technological innovations and the power of big data, you are better able to design business models that focus on efficiency that will not only help business but deliver better outcomes for customers.

This includes embracing new trends as well as capitalising on existing technologies.

What services do NTT DATA offer utility companies?



  • Digital transformation
  • Strategy and delivery consulting services
  • Asset management, performance, monitoring and maintenance
  • Integration, from strategy to support
  • Technical expertise
  • IoT deployment and connectivity

NTT DATA can help you improve utility company operations through digital transformation and innovation. We will work with you to design smart processes that enable you to capitalise your existing technologies, while also leveraging the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and Big Data to enhance your offering and service delivery.

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