Customer demands are driving cutting-edge digital transformation strategies

New technologies, changing market dynamics, and increasingly demanding customers are affecting how wholesale businesses operate. Distributors looking to maintain their market lead are being driven to find leading solutions to achieve efficient inventory management, detailed supply chain planning and digitised demand management.

Slow adopters are being left behind

As more wholesale distribution companies learn to leverage new technology and accelerate their services ahead of their competitors, there is an uphill battle for those that act late and hope to catch up.

Operational change can be difficult in wholesale distribution, where traditional structures are typical. Changing the perception of stakeholders within the business is a challenge that wholesale distribution organisations must undertake to effect change and compete in the new tech-led market.

Better connected systems encourage business growth

Distributors need to embrace technology that takes them from a slow and reactive market position to a state that is agile, proactive and insight-driven.

Efficient inventory management, detailed supply chain planning and a comprehensive supplier network are the facilitators that allow wholesale distribution organisations to not only know what’s going on in their business, but also to gain more customer insights to deliver more personalised customer experiences. Which, in turn, leads to enhanced client loyalty and margin growth.

How does NTT DATA support wholesale distribution?

NTT DATA provides support from experts with long-term and international SAP supply chain, inventory and supplier management expertise.

We offer data analytics and management solutions, as well as the SAP intelligent ERP solution portfolio. Our solutions are customised to help you gain accurate real-time insights, based on a single version of the truth and insights into your supply chain to optimise demand management, planning and sales processes.


SAP Intelligent ERP

This modern ERP system utilises AI to transform your business processes by integrating and automating procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, inventory and supply chain management – whether in the cloud or on-premise.



Data Visualisation

Data visualisation helps you to examine your data without the noise so you see only the most useful information such as outliers, trends and patterns in the data – making data and analytics easier to interpret and act on.


Advanced Analytics

By rapidly blending data with advanced analytics, distributors can get deeper insights into their supply chain and make informed predictions to optimise demand management, planning and sales processes.

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