Businesses are benefiting from deeper financial insights

As digitisation and globalisation become more commonplace within businesses, the challenges and intricacies of business management increase, calling for superior reporting and legal precautions.

Through these adaptations, better reporting and data insight, financial management organisations have significant opportunities to better understand their operations and make informed decisions that foster growth.

Poor reporting creates delays and hinders quick action

Businesses without adequate financial management face challenges in preparing relevant reports with speed and accuracy. Delays in cash flow reports and intercompany reconciliation reports are some of the most common and frequently occurring barriers to achieving business goals.

How can you achieve first-class financial management?

To achieve your company’s objectives, you need business software that accelerates your financial consolidation and gives you a unified view of your business. Accessing this timely information gives you a better insight into the development of your enterprise. This then empowers management to make quick, data-driven business decisions.

Financial management necessities include:

- Automated cash flow, to help you to avoid a tedious, manual process to compile all necessary data

- The ability to reconcile inter-company balances earlier in the process, allowing you to close your books faster
- Timely and meaningful data, as well as key figures to support effective, strategic decision-making.

NTT DATA helps you to achieve this with intuitive dashboards, big data analytics and customisable reports that provide your management with the right information at the right time.



NTT DATA financial management services

NTT DATA's SAP teams know the entire SAP finance solution portfolio. They customise the solutions to help you reduce the length of your reporting cycles, improve the accuracy of your intercompany transactions and free up your finance staff. This way they spend less time gathering and reconciling data, and more time analysing it.

Financial management is bolstered through SAP S/4HANA, the latest SAP ERP offering. SAP S/4HANA is the digital core, built for live business. The system is reliable, scalable and offers instant insights into all business data while providing the integration base for the Internet of Things, networks, Big Data and social.

SAP S/4HANA also provides embedded analytics, real-time operational reporting and smart business cockpits. It also supports key decision management aspects, such as strategic (using historical data), operational (leveraging recent business data) and tactical decisions (comparing current data cast against contextual data from the past).

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