The digital age is changing document and approval processes

In a world where there is increasingly more business documentation, businesses are realizing it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of revenue and expenses. Storing this information in a centralised system and keeping it in a consistent format is enabling them to maintain a clear overview and can view key data at a glance.

Going digital is crucial in freeing up time to focus on core business.

Manual document management is wasting valuable time Managing an Increasing Volume of Documentation

Many businesses still handle approval with manual processes. These tasks include approving invoices, purchase orders, and requisitions. This can be time-consuming and consequently incur unnecessary costs.

Additionally, slow approval processes may lead to further issues, such as delayed delivery, which can damage a company’s reputation.

  • Spending long periods of time completing tasks manually
  • Suffering from complicated, detailed invoice processes that risk cash flow
  • Don’t have all necessary business information at hand in real-time
  • Struggling with rapidly growing data volumes that have to be filed and audited

Work smarter, not harder, by automating your manual documentation processes

Enterprises must accelerate fundamental business tasks with process automation. By automating your approval of key documents, such as purchase orders, requisitions, and invoices, and getting rid of manual processes you will save at least 60% of time spent on document handling and achieve more efficient business operation.

NTT DATA’s it.document handling suite is an automated solution based on cognitive technology, robot software, and artificial intelligence. The out-of-the-box solution package enables you to handle your documents automatically and speed up your business with artificial intelligence.

Make your approvals faster and smarter with it.document handling suite





Automate Manual Approval Processes

Document control, review, and approval should be clearly defined and simple. By automating lengthy manual processes, you simplify every step of the documentation process, creating consistency, reliability, and efficiency among staff.





Reduce Invoice Costs and Improve Accuracy

Correctly managing invoices can be the difference between a process running smoothly and an unhappy client. it.document handling suite takes control invoice creation, confirmation and sign off for you, removing human error and ensuring positive cash flow.





Gain Control and Transparency over Approval Processes

Your business can act on up-to-date information to make informed, strategic decisions, while not becoming overwhelmed by the volume of data and processes. Additionally, you are able to trace any past documents easily, resulting in company-wide transparency from a single source.





Pave the Way to a Paperless Office

Staff spend a significant amount of time searching for, looking at, and filing paper documents. it.document handling suite eliminates this wasted time and saves filing space. Moreover, items can be approved remotely via the software’s user-friendly interface.

At NTT DATA, we have amassed years of experience in IT solutions and business process optimization. Being an SAP partner has enabled us to develop our understanding of relevant technology and also our knowledge of the challenges that modern organizations face.

We are the perfect partner to bring your approval processes into the digital transformation age, ultimately saving you time as well as money and enabling you to manage your resources more effectively.

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