Search for more opportunities with less investment

Many businesses are now looking for a way to remove the major investment, time and resources required by tech infrastructure – while still accessing the hardware and software they require to deliver services.

There is also more demand for a digital solution that is scalable to demand, and easier to implement and remove as needed, without traditional installation.

Infrastructure is becoming high cost, low ROI

Businesses are often required to provide the infrastructure required to support their business systems. A cost will not always see a return before it needs to, once again, be replaced or updated.

As technology changes rapidly, this is becoming more common. Some businesses are having to decide whether to invest in the required infrastructure, even though they know that investment will be short-lived. Others won’t even have the choice.

Remove infrastructure constraints to deliver more effective services

Platform as a Service, or PaaS, (cloud) offers a de facto approach from infrastructure provisioning. It provides a way for businesses to continue to utilise technology and software, with self-provisioning of maintenance and administration activities, without capital investment in infrastructure, and by breaking the infrastructure renewal cycle.

What value does NTT DATA PaaS offer?


Rapid Time-to-Market

Easily deployed without the typical lead times for procurement and installation of traditional on-premise solutions.


Reduced Pressure on Internal Resources

Frees up internal resources to focus on core business activities and value-added services rather than operational maintenance of business systems.



Removes the need for customers to invest in a current technology that will need to be reinvested in – potentially before the asset is fully financially recovered.





Reduced Development Cost Exposure

Customers are able to provide resources for short-term development programs without making long-term investments in infrastructure.





Extended Capability

PaaS not only provides computing and storage capacity for business applications but can potentially streamline supporting IT services such as security, integration, disaster recovery and connectivity.

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